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Strategic Life Planning

Time management is paramount to self-improvement.

Old-Fashioned Clock

The current state of education requires students to be able to recite critical information in various subject areas and apply concepts on standardized tests. While this is par for the course for some students, other students struggle.  There are various factors for this.  Some students are less prepared when entering school.  Others have significant learning disabilities.  And then there are some that require a learning modality other than the one being provided through instruction.  Nonetheless, one important learning aspect that often is negated in this consideration is students' capacity for having a growth mindset. 


In most cases, a growth mindset can be developed. However, this mindset requires the ability to self-reflect, assess, and modify.  Regarding academics, this process simply begins with the ability to identify that there needs to be improvement.  However, time must be set aside for improvement.  And for most teenagers to do this effectively they need to be equipped with a framework that empowers them to consistently measure progress.  This curriculum does just that through helping students develop valuable skill sets in goal-setting, financial management, and weekly planning.

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