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STEAM work makes the dream work

STEAM is the vehicle for STEM.  This is a concept that has not been clarified entirely in every level of the education spectrum.  If we want our youth to succeed in today's everchanging, technology driven world then we must teach them effectively.  A STEAM approach to instruction allows teachers of every discipline to collaborate in order to produce a holistic learning experience that engages students of all backgrounds, intelligences, and career interests.  Besides providing an outlet for youth, our STEAM Hubs also act as incubators for professional development.  That is, teachers are welcomed to visit one of our locations afterschool or on weekends and get hands-on experience with STEAM approaches while making an impact in students' lives.  


In addition, through this program we offer professional development in which we present an invigorating case for STEAM, best practices in the classroom, the fundamentals of STEAM lesson planning, and a framework for full STEAM integration across all disciplines schoolwide.  In addition to this, on behalf of schools and districts we serve as a liaison for developing partnerships with stakeholders in STEAM education such as corporations and universities.

*Workshops can be held virtually or in-person and can generally be customized to the needs of your school or district.

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