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80 Questions
Curriculum Overview

“Education must enable a man to become more efficient, to achieve with increasing facility the legitimate goals of his life.”


Martin Luther King, Jr.

80 Questions Preface (Audio)

The 80 Questions for Adolescents curriculum helps students reflect and analyze various aspects that are critical to their current decisions as well as their growth and development as thinkers and contributing members of society.  It is tailored to enable both parents and teachers to facilitate dialogue around the topics that matter to students' livelihood while implementing practical strategies to improve academic and social behaviors.

Target Grades


7th - 12th

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Anecdotes, Facts of Life, Timeless Principles, Charts, and Tables

Links to videos and other resources that support topics



3 sections, 15 chapters

Each chapter includes an Intro Video, Questions, Teacher Notes, Supporting Activities, and a Resource Database


Major Assumptions

1.) Most students haven't developed the basic life skills of planning and effective time management

2.) Most students get excited about the possibilities of their future

3.) Students enjoy relating to others and making correlations to their own lives


Curriculum Outline

Section 1:  WHY ARE YOU HERE?


Ch. 1:  Knowing What You Want 

 Ch. 2: Believing You Can Achieve 

 Ch. 3: The Purpose of School        

  Ch. 4: Evaluating Interests & Goals 

  Ch. 5: Relating School With Goals 





        Ch. 6: Identifying Pos. & Neg. Influences

        Ch. 7: Peer Pressure                            

        Ch. 8: Responsibility & Esteem              

        Ch. 9: Appreciating Your Supporters      

        Ch. 10: Community                            


   Section 3: WHAT WILL YOU DO?


Ch. 11: Time Management          

Ch. 12: Academic Success          

Ch. 13: Career Goals                 

Ch. 14: Planning                        

Ch. 15: Affirmation                     

Do you see a need for this program?

Narratives that emphasize timeless principles throughout

In-depth tables and charts that bring relevance to academics

Introspective questions to help students develop perspective

Teacher Notes to help facilitate discussion and supplemental activities

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