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80 Questions for Adolescents

True learning is established through discourse


Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Improved Relationships, Instruction, and Learning

Culturally Responsive Instruction (CRI)

Strong teacher-student relationships not only reduce discipline problems, but they also connect behavior and decision making—both in and out of the classroom—to the curriculum (Wolk, 2002). 

The 80 Questions book is the foundation for our 80 Questions program for middle and high school students.  This program builds rapport between teachers and students by seamlessly incorporating two key aspects, Social Emotional Learning (students) and Culturally Responsive Instruction (teachers).  The real-life experiences in the book provide a framework for classroom discourse.  In addition, a series of "80 questions" along with teacher notes and supporting resources provide a foundational model for student-centered instruction. 

Ultimately, the 80 Questions program provides a foundational framework for schools wanting to improve culture and climate as well as implement a robust character development program.

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